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Tokyo Banana

| Tokyo Banana

The essence of a documentary lies in its documentation of the subject. Tokyo Banana stays true to this credo. It follows the lives of three artists from Tokyo striving to make it big in show business. Tokyo Banana shares their experiences and recounts their challenges. We meet the people around them, who have stood steadfast …

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Crownsville Hospital: From Lunacy to Legacy

| Crownsville Hospital: From Lunacy to Legacy

The Crownsville Hospital in Maryland, in its history of a 100 years, is a testimony to how modern medicine has addressed mental illness. It is an example of how institutions can disintegrate under bad management and state apathy.  Founded, at the beginning of the twentieth century, for the mentally ill, in the black population, the …

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VHS Massacre Too

| VHS Massacre Too

Here is a documentary that looks at some yellowed pages from the history of film. They are not mainstream, nor talked about openly in the academic circles. When a deluge of films is made on the current trend of the time, they are called exploitation films. Looked down upon by the big studios, these films …

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