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| Heartstone

When the body of high school student Richie is found mutilated in his car, the police department wakes up to the fact that they have a cold-blooded killer on their hands. Further, Richie’s girlfriend Elaine is reported missing and the police have no clue as to what has become of her for several years. Roy …

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Charlie Horowitz

| Charlie Horowitz

Charlie Horowitz and his buddies are enjoying the idyllic high school life; hanging out with friends, weekend wagers over card games and school dances. But when the enters into an altercation with the school bullies, Charlie Horowitz finds his life turned upside down in an instant. Reborn a different person with superpowers and demonic abilities, …

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| Coop

Coop is a timeless story of the triumph of the human spirit. It is the story of young Gabriel Gonzales, a promising athlete with his eyes set on the 2024 Olympics who in a cruel turn of fate, he loses his friends and his legs in a road accident. Riddled with survivor’s guilt, Gabe is …

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