The Secret Bloodline

the secret bloodline

Madeleine Bistrica, an anthropologist, works at the museum of at ‘The Smith museum of stained-glass windows’ in Chicago, Illinois, the first American museum dedicated solely to the art of stained-glass windows. When a change in circumstances forces the museum to shut down, Madeleine suddenly finds herself without a job and looking at an uncertain future. …

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Don’t Smoke in Bed

don't smoke in bed

In the early twentieth century, Maureen settles down in the city, with her husband in modest accommodation. But soon, Maureen’s life starts disintegrating before her eyes. And her dreams are shattered. Through her marriage to ‘race-horse Henry’, she expected an exciting, action-packed life ahead. But soon, she finds herself out of his grace and ignored. …

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The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

radicalisation of Jeff Boyd

Jeff is a regular working professional, working hard to advance his career and always looking for better opportunities and a better lifestyle. During one of his meetings with his friend, Morton, the idea of migrating to Australia takes root in his mind. Morton sells him the excellent prospects  Australia offers, that will allow Jeff to …

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A nervous Mark is waiting at home, expecting a visitor and something much more important. Soon, there is a knock on his door, and as expected, James is at his doorstep carrying a suitcase. Mark opens the door to find James. Before he lets James into the house, he makes sure that James has brought …

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