Thank you for the awesome review of my script. Can’t wait to submit the other two chapters in the Charlie Horowitz trilogy. 😎

Dillon Fuhrman Writer

Fabulous!! The feedback on my work was very useful and done with care and professionalism. Will be submitting again!!

Michael Williams Writer

I am honored to be a part of this festival and to participate in my short film for screening. I will try to join again next year. This Festival is truly Proactive, fair and open in communication. Time to go! I recommend this Festival to everyone. Best wishes.

Headshot 079efb8a40 headshot
Sediq Kapar Director

This is bar none the best festival I entered in 2020. The reviews on their website are incredibly inclusive and entertaining. Keep up the great work! Check out their website and see for yourself. P.S. I am thankful for your attention to detail on my scripts and loved the reviews of others.

Marven Likens Writer

Our film "Death Offers Life - last moments of Vincent Van Gogh" was semifinalist which is a great encouragement for us.

Madhu R Writer

Muchas gracias por estar con ustedes y ser seleccionados en su festival!!! Gracias

Headshot 1d72f38f1f headshot
Reyes Caballero Director

Thanks a lot PG for the award given to my film Migraine. I wish a long life to your festival, which, owing to the sharp spirit and the dynamics of its team, deserves to stand amongst the best ones!

Photo 4 S5000128 NB
Frédéric Roussel Director

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! Thanks to your amazing review I've decided to write more short stories that lie hidden in the sleepy little town of Bury 😉 I'll write 9 more episodes for a 10 episode television series. You rocked my world and gave me inspiration to write more. I can't thank you enough 🙂

Ray Kermani Writer

What a great fest! Good feedback too! My series pilot Tripod Detectives won best web-series script!

Drew Henriksen Writer

Since I’m in Australia, there is not too much I can report about it, but the review the festival gave me was amazing and showed their genuine interest in film in all its aspects and subtleties. I’m also very happy to have received the award for Animation. ]

Headshot baddeb47c8 headshot
Levin Diatschenko Director, Animator

I loved being part of this festival with my film Marabou Feathers. The review and how they presented the films was magnificent! This is a wonderful group to work with and I look forward to returning!

Headshot cc264448fc headshot
Tracy Ann Chapel Director

I would like to thank PixelsGARAGE Awards of Excellence for their recognition of Feature Film Screenplay (COOP). It is much appreciated! I am looking forward to submitting additional material in the future, and highly recommend the competition for Filmmakers and Screenwriters.

Joe Leone Writer

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