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Young Gautham is passing through a phase where he feels detached from everything around him. His comfortable life becomes drudgery, and nothing holds any excitement for him anymore. Everything he had enjoyed thus far, holds no interest for him anymore. His emotions appear to have deserted him leaving him feeling empty within. Only his anger has stayed behind, manifesting itself at the slightest of provocations and at the most frivolous of situations.  He even breaks up with his girlfriend oblivious to the fact that she was waiting to announce news of her pregnancy that day.  Gautham decides to end his life that night but circumstances force him out of his house for a short spin around town. That night, he comes in contact with a few unsavoury characters who kidnap him for ransom. The chain of events that follow, teaches him a lot about life and changes his perspective to life.

‘Insight’ is a Narrative feature from Director Rajaraman. Rajaraman tells a story about self-realization that clears one person’s quest for knowledge about the purpose of life, in a contemporary setting. ‘Insight’ is a powerful story told in an unhurried, lucid manner without losing focus on neither content nor style. The films strips bare the unnecessary glitz usually associated with commercial storytelling, to give us a clinical product that does not overwhelm us with its craft, that we lose focus on the content. This is especially useful as the director drops clues along the way for us to decipher the secrets that lie hidden in the different layer of the narrative.

‘Insight’ is the story of Gautam who lives in a house named ‘Kapilavastu Tranquil’ and his girlfriend Yasho. And, if these clues are not enough, the director also keeps most of the names from the original unchanged, so that the viewer is at no point in any doubt about the original story of which he is watching an adaptation.

| Insight
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| Insight

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